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Enjoy free shipping on all orders to US/EU/UK

Personalised Irish blessings for all occasions


Framed Prints

Museum grade fine art paper. Handmade solid wood frame delivered ready to hang in six colour choices.

Framed Canvas

Our superior quality framed canvas feature a 1.5″ stretched canvas within a solid wood float frame in six colour choices.



This design showcases a central triskele overlaying its shadow adding a modern touch. The triskele itself is made up of three interlocking spirals. In Celtic tradition, the three spirals represent progress, motion and the connection between the past, present, and future. The use of gold highlights these elements, bringing in a sense of divine light and illumination.


This detailed design beautifully blends old and new. At the centre is a triskele, which is one of the most iconic symbols of Celtic art. Surrounding the triskele is a ring of doves, which in Celtic Christian tradition, represent resurrection and immortality. The vibrant mix of oranges and reds combined with gold, black and white accents, gives the piece a fresh, modern feel.

Celtic Birds

The birds featured in this artwork offer beauty and meaning. The intricate lines, intermixed with Celtic knots and interlace,  symbolise spirituality and our connection to nature.


This design features two well-known Celtic symbols, the triskele and labyrinth. The name  triskele  is derived from the Greek word “triskeles” meaning “three legs”. It is comprised of interlocking spirals that appear  in motion. The bronze labyrinth is set against a turquoise background with the centre showcasing triskeles outlined in gold on a on a black background.


The design’s off-centered placement which features Celtic symbols like spirals and animals, married with the wrapped text, adds a modern twist to the composition. The contrasting colours, embellished in gold, echo the ornate manuscript artwork of medieval Ireland.


Celtic Angels

In Celtic tradition, angels were seen as protectors and messengers. Today many people believe they can be called upon in times of need. This design features vibrant blues, greens and reds all accented with bronze and gold details. This results in a richness that echoes the Christian Celtic manuscript artwork of the Middle Ages.

angels-baby-close-up print

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